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Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank goodness for wood floors...

Before I had children (in the "pre-kid" years) I was an art teacher, teaching grades K - 12. (Funny how that came back around full circle...I quit my job so I could stay home with the kids...only to teach again in the end). Anyway, as we started our school off I was not surprised that my kids just begged me to do clay/pottery as our first art class. Probably a crazy thing to start off in art with, but I'm so use to kids making a mess with art that I really didn't mind one bit. So we dragged out our pottery's wheel, clay and everything else I could think of to create what the kids said were beautiful clay pots.

Actually, it's really good therapy for kids...or anyone for that matter. It has a wonderful calming effect on people when they focus on smashing, smoothing and creating with clay...(playdoh, has the same effect). That's why it's used so often during many different kinds of therapy. For my kids though (as calm as they were), they just settled down to make a good ol' fashion mess....

...thank goodness for wood floors

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