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Friday, September 18, 2009

Out of my comfort zone...way out

My son has just begged me lately to start and coach a Lego League - Mindstorm team. Not familiar with Lego Mindstorm? Well basically, you have a team of kids which create a robot that can do certain challenges in a competition. The idea is to incorporate science and technology with Legos. Sounds cool, right? Well, maybe for someone who is technologically savvy. I admit...I am not. I mean I just found out what a "tweet" was a year ago. And don't even ask me to text anything...heck, I can't even read the text messages when they're all ...BFF...LOL...PTNGBRF (I made that one up, but really, who would know).

So see, God did not put me in that (computer savvy/technological) line when I was born. I guess I just stayed way too long in the artistic line. So as I branch out to coach a Lego League team, I realize that this could go one of two ways...it could be as funny as me trying to text someone, or we could hit it out of the ballpark. Either way...

I am out of my comfort zone...way out

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