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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The feeling of completion...

This past weekend we had beautiful weather...clear, sunny 70's to 80's....and beautiful projects being done around the house. Ahhh, the feeling of completion...I love it. I love to stand back and see the fruits of all that hard labor (o.k...granted I didn't help one bit with putting up the ceiling fan in our family room...no wait, I take that back. I did open the door while "the boys", my husband and his dad, brought in the "mo-jo" ladder we had rented).

Now, because we had rented this ladder all day I wanted to utilize it as much as possible so I decided that I would paint the walls in our family room...did I mention that it was a cathedral height room (it is crazy high when you get up on a ladder holding paint). Well, that was also a "group" effort project and between all of us we got it done. YEAH!!!!...don't ever want to do that again...personally, I am not built to go up high places. Anyway, it's all done, looks great...on to the next project (something on the ground preferably).

Tomorrow my husband has the day off...we'll just see what we can get into.

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