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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Say cheese...

On Friday I took the kids to go and have their "school pictures" taken at a local portrait studio. It's a pretty sweet setup actually called "Portrait Innovations". The photographer takes a ton of pictures with her digital camera with all the kids...individually, together...all kinds of backgrounds, poses...you get the idea. They even allow for you to change outfits during your session (I laugh at this though...I'm just happy to keep them all clean, combed and wrinkle free in one outfit...much less two).

Anyway, after your session is up you get to look at all of the pictures on a big screen and they can digitize it whatever way you would want. O.k....now here's the best part...you can pick your pictures up in about 15 minutes and if you buy the basic package it's only around 10 bucks. Granted, with three kids there was no way we were walking out of there for 10 bucks, but on the flip side...I was very pleased with everything. I mean everyone smiled, there were no major fights, and for a brief moment everyone was combed and clean (that is until snack was handed out at the end in the car and chocolate ended up on my son's shirt...to be honest, I'm really not surprised).

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