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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Breathing is optional...

A friend of mine came over for a minute this morning and she mentioned something to me that I just couldn't stop thinking about. She and I were complaining about workouts, not losing weight...you know all the good girl stuff. Then she mentioned that she was about to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary and wanted to see if she could still fit into her wedding dress. Then she wouldn't really care so much what the scale said. Hmm...interesting thought.

Well, I knew I couldn't just let this one pass me by. So when I had a free moment today I decided to try my wedding dress on as well. It's been 17 almost 18 years since I've had the dress on. I've given birth to three "large" children (one weighed 10 pounds at birth). Since given birth, I've got body parts that definitely do not "bounce back" as they tell you they do in the hospital. And to top it all off...I'm 40. At this point...the odds are against me.

Carefully, I unwrap the plastic around the dress. Wow...puff sleeves, huh? (They were so in at the time) I slip one arm in and then the other. Pulling it up and over me...man, it weighs a ton. Whew, now for the hard part. Sucking all the breath I have in...I zip it up. Hot diggity dog...sweet momma! The dress fits after all this time. Of course...

breathing is optional...

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  1. I knew it would fit! ;) Now, when will we have our scale burning party?