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Sunday, April 11, 2010

So what is it about pots?...

O.k. seriously, what is it about pots and kids? They seem to migrate to each other. In the end all the pots end up on the floor and the child is no where to be found. Clean them all up and viola...the child reappears...and it starts all over again.


  1. Levi loves beating the pots with chopsticks. It must be the pots...looks like we have some of the same ones. ;)

  2. I "borrowed" this pic of my adorable grandson for my blog! ;-) I can't wait to spend time playing with my grandbaby.

    Love and miss you,

  3. Lol I remember the days when my kids used to do that. Pots and Tupperware/plastic cupboard. It never failed if my son went quiet you could guarantee he would be in the process of "quietly" emptying out the cupboards lol. It is amazing how quietly he used to be able to do it. I would go to get a pan or a plastic container and usually the whole house would know, but him, nope he could extract things without barely a sound!!

    For some reason, yes the pots were turned into drums in the end but the tupperware, he just liked to pull it all out and stack it up around the kitchen then he would hop into the cupboard, lol it was so funny.

    Enjoy your little "pot boy", he is sooooo cute!!!