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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hoot n' Holler day...

After working all weekend cleaning out the garage and storage areas and now being terribly sore and very tired I really don't have too much energy to think of a new blog post for my favorite day. I know it doesn't seem fair to "reuse" blog posts but this is one of my favorite ones I wrote last year for one of my favorite days in our city (which just so happens to be today for us). Anyway, I'm old and I've got muscles that hurt that I didn't know I had...I hope you enjoy it one more time.

I love spring...actually I love every season, but I especially love this time of year. The birds begin to come back, the flowers start to bud and bloom and then...there is "hoot n' holler" day. Now, if you are unfamiliar with it, it's a time when you can rummage through those items you swore you would use someday and of course you never did and finally decide to throw it out. I believe here in the Midwest they call it "spring-clean up" day. However, I was born and raised in the south and I do so love to call it "hoot n' holler".

So picture this...you take a few weekends and you gather up all your cherished treasures that you've toted around with you for years (and never used) and you haul it out to the curb. Then...cars come one by one and rummage through your items taking what they will then call their cherished treasures. I can hear their conversations now..."Oooh, wheee! Lookie here, Earl. They got them here a shovel-thingy I saw on TV once. Now who would throw a good thing like that out. I'm gonna keep me this one."

I just love "hoot n' holler" day...

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