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Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is a garage sale...right???

In honor of garage sale season which is now in full swing here, I thought I would share with you a story that I've heard a hundred times and I laugh every time I hear it. I always think about it during garage sale season. It goes something like this...

My mother and father loved to get out on the weekends and drive around. You know, looking at houses, doing errands...just getting out and about. One weekend in particular they were out driving around when they spotted a house with the garage open. The man had pulled all of these boxes from his garage out onto his driveway. Believing it was a garage sale, my parents pulled the car over and got out to take a look. Walking up the driveway they looked in box and after box and thought..."man, this is some really nice stuff here".

As they continued to look through the boxes a sudden realization came over them..."this is a garage sale, right??" Oh boy, they thought. As the man continued to clean up his garage, my Mom and Dad tried very hard to "slither away" unnoticed. It wasn't until a few blocks later that they busted out laughing. Only my parents could do something like that.

Today, I can't look for a garage sale without pausing for a split second to say...this is a garage sale, right??


  1. So laughing out loud here! Actually, the garage sale was across the street! We wondered why no one else was on THAT side of the street looking. When it "dawned" on us, that we were definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time, we just quietly "slithered" to the car and took off. We didn't even bother to go to the "real" sale across the street. The funny thing was the man at the non-garage sale was so busy cleaning, he never even noticed us! Thanks for the funny memory. I wish I were there to go garage selling with you! Soon I hope.

    Love you and miss you,

  2. Sometimes you gotta wonder, don't you?