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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finals week...

This week is finals week for my two oldest children.

Do you remember finals?

I do.

Big ol' fat UGH.

I hated finals.  The cramming, the studying, the reviewing.  It made no sense to me.  Even now.  Let's just take everything that you should have learned all throughout the year and squeeze it into one really long, really hard test and see how you do.  Ooo, ooo, and then we'll make it 110% of your grade, how's that sound.

Okay not really.

Sort of.

On top of everything, it stresses the kids out so very much.  Or at least my kids.  So I'm trying to keep it low key this week. Quiet.  And positive.

Of course, you can only say "you can do it!" or "keep up the good work" or "yeah for you" so many times.

Then I just can't help myself and interject some creative ones in there.

Things like, "Here's some hot chocolate sweetie, some marshmallows were spilling over but don't you worry I licked them off for ya", or "I put your underwear outside to dry, let me know when you need them so they can thaw a little before you put them on".

Just to see that they're not brain dead yet.  Good to check ya know.

For now, we're counting down the days until Friday.  The glorious, golden dawn of the start of Christmas vacation.  We're gonna chunk those books for a week or two, decorate us some sugar cookies and relax.

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