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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The fling method...

It was about 7:30 at night when my smallest little one and I went outside.  We walked down the driveway and looked left and then right.  The neighborhood was all lit up.  Beautiful.  Sparkly.

Then we turned around and looked back at our house.  Ugh…  Black.  Pitch black.  Okay, technically it was lit up by the street light but something about Christmas by the light of the streetlamp is just not the same tingly, sparkly kind of thing.  So we got to work.

Now, I came from south where….how shall I say this.  We do things a bit differently.  Sometimes conventional methods just don't cut it and you have to get….hmmm, creative.

Enter…the fling method.

Now, I'm gonna mention that my partner in crime that evening was about 3 1/2 feet tall and really I only gave him one job and one job only.   I told him that if I fell off the ladder to go in and get his brother (who by the way got out of this job playing the homework card).  My little one then proceeded to tell me that 911 would be better.  I agreed.  And then he asked me which numbers to push to call 911.  Not feeling good here, people.

Up the ladder.  Down the ladder.  Round and round the tree we went.  Until…

It was time for the fling method.

Not familiar with this?

Well, it's simple really.  When you get to top of your ladder and cannot reach anymore of your tree, reach your arm way back and fling the rest of the lights onto the tree.


The lights are done.  And that my friends is perfect.  Perfect because your job is done.  You didn't fall off and now your house is all lit up.  Ahhh, I love me some creative Christmas lights.

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