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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One hum-dinger of a dinner par-tay...

Tonight we fed over 50 teenage boys dinner.  Oh, and did I mention that they were swimmers.  All. Of. Them.  Coming right off a practice.  That's like having a dinner party for 50 ravenous lions.  Oh, and you better had fixed a hippo, an elephant and possibly a hyena for dessert.  If you know what's good for you.

Man, these boys can eat.

And eat.

And eat some more.

Basically what I'm saying is that I cooked food all…day….long.  Here's what you need to feed a crew like that.  70 bottles of water, 4 gallons of chocolate milk, 1 gallon of white milk, 6 loaves of french bread, 2 red velvet cakes, 1 gallon of ice cream, 60 cupcakes, 3 big ol' bowls of fruit salad, 2 lasagnas, and 2 big ol' honkin' (think big and go bigger) pans of penne rustica pasta (it's the recipe from Macaroni Grill - love that place).

I did have some help with most of the items served.  Thank the heavens above for that one.  I only had to fixed the 2 big penne rustica pasta dishes.  But I will tell you that I made pasta for a solid hour today. That's right, made.

Ever tried homemade pasta?


Oh, you are missing out.  Trust me, there is HUGE difference in taste.  And the best news is that homemade pasta is incredibly easy to make.  Unless you are trying to feed an army.  Well, then not so much.

Homemade pasta is basically eggs, flour and water.  For our family size of 6, our pasta recipe is 2 eggs, 1 1/2 cups of flour, dash of salt and a little bit of water.  Done.  Ain't nothin' too it.  I will tell you that I do have all the pasta attachments for my kitchen aid so it makes my job very easy.  My husband has given them to me over the years and I love them.  I've even got an attachment that can make those curly ones, and spirally ones.  Love it!

The boys loved the homemade pasta.  Weren't nothin' left.

So go on out there…. throw out those dried up, boxed, broken up, who knows what's in them, store bought noodles and venture out and make ya some of the homemade kind.  Trust me, if you do….be prepared.  You will never go back.

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