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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's take a moment...

You know what I've decided...cleaning your stove top and oven are such a thankless job. I mean you scrub and clean on those things until they just shine like the sun and yet no one ever notices what you've accomplished (in the hour it took you to clean them). It's such a shame really. The cleaning part of it has to get done or else one day your "caked on gunk" will be so high you'll think it's another casserole you put in the oven. So why is it that no one ever notices that they're clean. It sure would be nice for someone to just mention..."Wow! You're stove top is so white and you're oven smells so lemony (kind of...in an easy-off oven cleaner kind of way)."

Our social worker is coming tomorrow for a post-placement visit (you have to have 3 visits after you bring home an adoptive child). Maybe I'll just drag her over to the kitchen and point them out. Wait...then again...that might end up in our report...on how I've gone off the deep end on cleaning my appliances. Oh well...time to go mess them up and get dinner going.

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  1. No one ever seems to notice a clean stove top and oven but just let it get dirty and everyone notices. LOL