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Monday, March 29, 2010

That one's going right back to the library...

O.k., I may be a little slow on the uptake on most days, but really I should have known better. I guess anybody would have known better, but I'm crazy enough to think..."oh, I can do that...no problem." But here's what I've learned very fast. Be very wary of anything that has the word BOOT CAMP in the title.

You know, I've been trying very hard to lose some weight. I can run forever but I really wanted something more to do...you know a little variety in exercise. So I went to my local library and checked out an exercise video. They have all different kinds...all with very skinny people on them. Understanding that I'm never going to look like that again, I picked one up that had the word boot camp in the title. Not just boot camp but MAXIMUM BOOT CAMP...UGH!

So with the baby in the exersaucer and three kids sitting on the stairs telling me that my "flailing" arms weren't exactly the way the instructor was doing and that I wasn't keeping up very well...I completed that video and realized one important thing.

That one's going right back to the library...

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  1. Lol, your kids sound like my kids.....last time I hired out an exercise video they cheered (if you could call criticism cheering lol) from the couch. I got to the end of the half hour workout and just melted onto the couch and restarted it with the instructions for the kids to give it a go. Well their efforts lasted a whole ten minutes before they were exhausted and declaring that I hadn't done such a bad job after all lol!!
    Still, never have I hired any more exercise videos!!