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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A toilet mutiny...

I am not a plumber. I don't proclaim to be one, heck, I don't even get to play one on TV. But in our house I guess I'm going to have to learn real fast, because we have what I like to call a "toilet mutiny" on our hands.

It all started with the master bedroom toilet. It flushed with such a force that it scared everyone within a two mile radius. We solved that problem by simply turning down the water flow pressure. Case closed...or so you would think. However, I think that toilet rounded up some more troops for an all out attack.

Next, the half bathroom toilet handle broke off. Then onto the lower level where the basement bathroom toilet now seems to drip constantly after being flushed. Upstairs in the girl's bathroom, the toilet is now beginning to take forever to stop flushing. Why all we need is the toilet in the baby's room to go on a suicide mission and fall through the floor and land on the kitchen table to make this mutiny complete.

For now, I might just turn back up the water flow in our bathroom and see what happens...


  1. LOL yep toilets do have special abilities and like to follow each other in their little escapades I am sure. We have two toilets in our house and you can guarantee that if one decides to have a flushing or dripping problem, within a short space of time, the other one will think "hey I can out do you, try beating this!!!" lol.