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Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation time...

Every year we try to plan a family vacation...somewhere, anywhere. We just love it. We love to travel, see new places and experience new adventures. (of course, with 4 kids in tow all the time Walmart can sometimes be an adventure)

Our vacation planning never really starts...well, with a plan. We usually start researching someplace on the map, and then veer off and look at something else, then something else. Money has a lot to do with our vacation (who doesn't have that problem...), so we have to be pretty financially creative with a family our size. We don't seem to fit into the 2 adults, 2 children packages that are offered. But you would be surprised that a lot of the time it is cheaper for us to go overseas than it is for us to stay in the states. Crazy thought, I know...but it's true.

So last year when we started planning our vacation we thought about the West Coast...kind of like doing a "theme park vacation" up and down California. Of course, we totally veered off that one and ended up in Argentina....loved it!!! Anyway, this year we are back to vacation time and have decided to finish off with our first plan and go out West and do a "theme park vacation". I realize that some of you are probably going...ugh!!!...but our kids are going to love it. We are going to see Disneyland, Lego land, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, the beach and we're going to throw in Yosemite/Sequoia National Park, just for good measure.

So, come along with us on our vacation journey...to the West Coast. California, here we come!!!

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