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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

San Diego zoo...

The San Diego zoo is a place that every person on the planet should have to navigate their way through. It has an amazing amount of winding paths and fantastic animal displays, and an atmosphere that's so natural and jungle-like that in some parts you'd think for sure you were in the tropics. It was the best zoo we've ever been too by far...and believe me we've been to a lot of zoos.

My husband and I said that the zoo is an absolute genius for one thing...and one thing only. Two words, people...moving sidewalk. After you've walked down, down, down these extremely long hills...you get to "ride" these moving sidewalks up. Genius!!! Believe me, when we stumbled across these things it was like heaven on earth for really tired legs (remember we're old). The Omaha zoo near us has GOT to get it some of these...

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