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Saturday, June 23, 2012

5k Flower Power...

This morning my husband and the two older kids ran in a 5k Flower Power.  It benefited the Botanical Gardens located downtown, thus the whole flower power theme.  I liked the whole girly flower theme...my son said, "well at least the shirts are black".

Racers getting ready to run

And they're off...

I got to enjoy these two little ones company while the other part of the crew were out huffing and puffing their way through downtown.  We waited at the finish line with some breakfast and watched the freakishly fast people cross the finish line...in like three minutes.  Just kidding...kind of.

This one is mine...the one in black...on the right (don't know who the one on the left is).  He came in first from our family and 5th in his age category.  He was flying.

This one is mine too (in the red shorts)...I'm so proud.  She is flying as well.  Just look at that determination.  She held on fast all the way through the end.  She placed 1st in her age category.  You go girl.

And this one I'm so very crazy about.  Don't let him tell you otherwise...this man was flying as well.  He also got 5th in his age category.  Run baby, run...

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed! Congratulations for such good finishes...