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Friday, June 22, 2012

And then there were three...

Yesterday we had our first summer swim meet where we had three of our four kids competing.  It was very exciting and actually great for me.  Every couple of events I got to see someone compete in something.  I got to cheer all night long.  Yeah!!! 

I did find it funny that one lady in front of me asked me after I had yelled for my kids at MANY different events..."just how many kids do you have on the swim team?"  I would have loved to surprise her and say something like 10 or 15  and tell her we're hoping to overtake the swim team soon just to see her surprise (insert evil laugh)...but alas, I only said 3.  Of course, that in and of itself, about caused her turn white, pass out and then come to with a paramedic team attending to her.  Just kidding...she only smiled...and looked at me funny, come to think of it.

Our little girl was nervous from the "get go".  I'm glad her Daddy was volunteering as a runner that evening so he could be with her as much as she needed.  She did fantastic and even won her heat in one event.  She came home with several ribbons and a big ol' grin on her face.

We are a breast stroke family, apparently with a little twist.  This little one is great at back stroke too.  Who knew?  She may be the one who is great at all the strokes.  And that is really hard to do...

Our oldest girl (who I affectionately call the "goggle fiddler" at swim meets...because she gets so nervous that she just fiddles with her goggles until she is on the blocks) loves to compete.  She is great at the breast stroke and also got several ribbons in her different events.

She has the sweetest disposition and stayed with her sister so she wouldn't be too nervous.  I love that about her.

Our son (in the American flag swim cap) also loves swim meets.  Granted, he loves the "social" part of them, but he is also finally finding his "swimming groove".  I think he likes being able to out swim several of his friends.  He also brought home several ribbons from the meet.

Funny, I just realized that all of the pictures I have of the kids, they are all doing the breast stroke.  They did do other strokes I guess I just forgot to take those pictures.  That's probably good I guess.  With as many kids I have on the team and as many strokes they swim, someone might think I'm the "official photographer" of the swim team...just clicking away at every other event. 

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  1. I am soooo proud of all of them! Just wish I could have been there to help you cheer!

    Love and miss you,