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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Living at our house...

Right now, at this moment we have a slew of animals living at our house.  Okay, technically they are living in and around our yard, but I'm still going to count them since they are reeking havoc with my plants and my garden.  Of course, the kids have named them all since they are with us everyday and on most days several times a day.  So here goes...here's the new additions to our ever-growing family. 

(Please note that I had nothing to do with the naming of these creatures...believe me, I probably would have picked things like Billy Bob or Lu Ellen...so maybe these are better, given that)

There is "Snowstar" the baby rabbit, who is not such a baby anymore due to all of the petunias he has eaten from my front yard.

There is "Jumpy", a squirrel, whom we've mentioned before since he loves to eat all the bird seed from the feeder...he is quite plumpy now.

There is "Milk Dawn" a momma deer, who is very badly injured.  She will not put any weight at all on one of her front hoofs.  So she hobbles around and seems to be losing weight.  I would love to call in some rescue squad for her, but my husband remind me...it's just the circle of life.  Circle smircle...some things are meant to be broken.

With the momma deer are two little babies...we call them "Wild Fawn" and "Fawn Star".  They are exceptionally cute and love to eat my grass seed.  Oh why do I even bother to grow grass at this point.  They're so cute, I'd just dump the bucket of seed for them....not for plumpy though.  The bird feeder hanger just sags with his big ol' fat self now.

Finally, there is our stealthy animal.  The one who has the mischievous side...our raccoon.  My son called him "Coon Star"...just because it irritated his sisters...imagine that.  Anyway, we left our garage door open one night and that little varmint dragged out my brand new bag of bird seed...for jumpy, of course....and then proceeded to feast away, all the while strewing it through my flower bed.  Not my favorite...

For now, I'm just waiting for the rest of the animals to arrive...since it seems to me that we are attracting every animal on the planet.  I hear that a zoo somewhere up north lost a bunch of their animals just recently.  I wonder...does anyone know what a giraffe or rhino like to eat?

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