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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making noodles...

This past weekend we decided that we would head downtown and go to the large farmer's market.  I love farmer's markets.  I love the vegetables and flowers and crafts that people sell.  We walked for quite sometime just taking in all there was to offer. 

One of the things I came across at one booth was a person selling homemade noodles.  The kind that said "Tomato and Basil" and "Butternut Squash" and "Spinach" noodles.  I was definitely intrigued.  I have made the spinach noodles before, but never tomato and basil, much less the squash one.  Couldn't let this one pass me by....plus I now had a hankering for noodles for dinner....funny how that happens.

So that evening I "created" my own recipe of tomato and basil noodles.  After a few minor setbacks...mostly it was me eating too many of the tomatoes and not putting them into the noodle mix... I think I finally got it right.  And yes, I do have all the noodle making attachments for my big ol' Kitchen Aid mixer.  No way, would I ever cut up all those crazy noodles by hand.  I mean, I'm a little crazy...but not that crazy. 

When it was all said and done, I threw some chicken in for good measure and we had ourselves a pretty good meal that everyone seemed to love...which is good because now I have a boatload of these noodles in the freezer. 

Man, do I love to cook...which is good that I also love to run.  Or maybe it is the other way around, I have to run because I love to cook.  Ugh!  Too much thinking on a Wednesday...or is it Thursday?  Somebody help this brother out...

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