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Saturday, March 28, 2015

A house update….

We are terrible house building people.  Every single one of my friends have told me…."you need to go to your building site everyday just so you can see the progress made".  Well…that would be great, if I didn't have to survive the life I'm living at the moment.

Apparently you have to feed, clothe and transport these children of mine to every place imaginable during my 24 hour allowed time limit per day.  Trying to fit in a trip to our farm just so I can go and see what my house looks like does not happen often.  I know.  I know.  That's awful, but it's what I'm dealing with at the moment.

I pick out the items to go into the house and then let go of the reins.  I have confidence in our builder.  He really is good.  And boy, do I wish I could go out there everyday.  But for now, I have to live with seeing it when I can and trusting the people I have hired to build us a great house.

So with that said, I went out yesterday (because I had heard through so many people that had seen our house and I hadn't…ugh) that we had a roof with shingles, and our windows were finally in.


With the rainy spring season coming up I really wanted to enclose the house as soon as we could.  I say "we" loosely as I had nothing to do with it whatsoever except to say this is what I want.  And let's face it….that's the best part anyway.

The roof we chose is black with a little bit of gray.  We plan on going with some black shutters and I'm not sure what color our front door will be, but the outside of the house will be painted a nice light beige.  In this picture it has not been painted yet.  That's just the color of the hardiplank they put on it.

The windows still have that plastic film on them that the manufacturer sends them with so these pictures are not the best.  You can get the basic idea though.  Think about it this way….big windows = amazing views of our farm.  These pictures are from our family room looking out the back.  Love my big ol' mound of dirt I'm sporting back there.  Also, you can see to the left my sunroom right off of the kitchen.  That's gonna be so nice to have.

They tell me that when you get to the drywall stage things will begin to "look like normal rooms" rather than being able to "see-through" your entire house.  Can't wait for that stage.  For now, we are just so excited that things are moving quickly.

Because every month that passes our rental seems to get a little bit smaller and smaller…..

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