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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

College visits….

In the middle of our crazy life right now, my oldest son and I fit in visiting a few state colleges.  I mean who doesn't do that right after they've been robbed, packing up a rental house, high school swimming practices in full swing, back to school shopping…oh, and finish building a farmhouse.  Everyone does that, right?


Well, my son and I did.  I literally had two days in a row on one week that worked so we packed up each day and left.  Each college was about two hours away (in different directions), so we had to leave very early just to get to there for the events starting at eight.

The first college was a smaller college and immediately I just loved it.  The people, the location, the students.  I would have plopped down my application right then and there.  But this was not my decision.  It was my oldest's and at this one he was bored.  Really?!…  Ugh.

The second college was huge and he couldn't contain himself.  He bounced off the walls with excitement.  About where he was going to live, where he was going to eat, what he was going to do.  Seriously?!…

And then I thought about it.

This is classic.  My son and I don't see eye to eye.  At all.  We are very different.  Why would I think he would choose the one I liked.  But for the moment I am glad he has decided to go.  To be honest, he has not been an easy child to raise these past few years.  Okay, that's the understatement of the year.  But now….I have a carrot.

A carrot to dangle.

One that I hope he will want to grab onto to pursue and get a great degree.  There is hope.  He might just be finding his way after all.

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