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Monday, August 10, 2015

Having perspective….it's just stuff

Well….been trying to have a little bit of perspective.  And remember that stuff is well, just stuff.  Not what's really important.

True conversation.

Us:  Yes, Detective so and so, when do we get the rest of our stuff back?

Detective:  Well, there was a problem.  When the officer pulled the man who robbed you over he only took a few things off his trailer, took a picture of the stuff in the trailer and of the man and then let him go?

Us:  (Dumbfounded)  Let him go?  With our stuff?

Detective:  Yes.  We apologize.  He should have confiscated everything on the truck but instead they only took what looked like a construction robbery.  Not all your items.

Us:  (Still dumbfounded)  So when you asked us to describe our items you were just looking at the photo that was taken?  You didn't even have all our stuff in your possession?

Detective:  Correct.  But we do have in our possession your 3 saws.

Us:  (Utterly dumbfounded)

Stuff.  It's just stuff.

We met this man the night we were robbed.  He approached us on the farm.  Long story short, he asked us some weird questions and then went on his merry way.

Big picture.

Things could have gone really bad.  He is a very bad individual and God protected us that night.  The odds that an officer would have pulled over that same man that same night we were robbed are incredibly tiny.  But it happened.  Because of that, we were able to identify him and now hopefully (if they can catch him again) put him away for a long time.

Frustrating?  You bet it is….

But it's just stuff.  What's really important sits around my dinner table every night.  Argues about the last two scooters.  And looks like angels sleeping in their beds at night.

I am thankful.  For protection.  My family.

I don't need all the stuff.

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