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Monday, August 31, 2015


My oldest daughter turned sixteen today.  Seriously?!…  I don't think I'm ready yet.  These kids are growing up soooo fast.  I mean really, really fast.  Is it just my kids or are you guys having these issues too?

Our oldest daughter and her best friend
This little stinker is a Junior this year and is such a joy to have around.  Absolute joy.  Cannot say that enough.

For her birthday we decided to do a little something different.  We took her and a few of her friends horse back riding.  And she loved it.  We've been begging Dad to let us get a horse.  I mean really…what's a farm without a horse, right?

Well….we're working on that one.

Anyway, our daughter loved her birthday "weekend".  Since we had just moved in just a few days prior to us celebrating all our birthday decorations were packed away in boxes.  Didn't bother our sweet girl one bit.  I love that about her.  We had a delicious birthday cake decorated on a Christmas plate…because well, that's all we could find out of the moment…..and dinner and presents and all the chaos that goes with it.

I love that girl.  That sweet, marvelous daughter of ours.  She has the kindest heart and such a gentle spirit…well, except if you are in the water with her.  And then, watch out.

Happy birthday our sweet sixteen.  I love you to the moon and back….

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