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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mamma bear….

Today we drove out to the farm to see one of our garages open and our brand spankin' new tools stolen.  It was NOT a banner day for us.

There is nothing like that feeling.  That sick to your gut feeling you know someone sneaky and knifing, someone cowardly….someone who is not in their right mind has rifled through your stuff.

It unnerves you something fierce.

But that does not last for long.  And then you just get down right M. A. D.  I mean scream out loud at the sky kind of mad.  It's just not right, people.  Not right.

And then, you get smart.

To the man who decided to be a coward and take what was not his to begin with…watch out.  I know what you look like.  I can pick you out of a crowd.  I will, and I repeat will, protect my family.

You have unleashed this mamma bear.

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