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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The scooter….

These past 72 hours have beaten me down.  Emotionally and physically.  They have been awful.

I am not a cryer but I have lost it a few times with everything that has been going on.  I told my husband, I have reached the limit on what I can take.


But let me tell you a little story as to what has happened.

We have a scooter.  Nothing fancy.  Just a silver and black scooter.  But it has been the issue of more arguments than you can imagine.  No one likes to ride it.  It has a flat part on one wheel and when you ride it quickly it goes like this……thump, thump, thump, thump, thump (but a thousand times faster).  We have three scooters in all but the "loser" of any argument has to end up riding the bumpy scooter, because of course we don't have enough to go around.

On Saturday the kids were riding this scooter at the farm.  Quite comically to hear the vibrating voices racing down the new driveway, if you ask me.  Anyway.  Because the kids didn't want to take the "bad scooter" back to the rental we left it in the storage garage.

On Saturday night it was one of many, many, many things stolen from us.  That scooter.  That 3 dollar garage sale scooter.  Gone.  No one blinked an eye about it.  The kids could really have cared less.

On Sunday night a man was pulled over with a trailer full of items.  That scooter.  That gosh awful scooter stood out amongst the tools and other items and made the police take notice.  For some reason, that scooter screamed out to them.  Take me back to my family!!!!!

And so, because of one item looking out of place (and given the fact that we reported what this man looked like and all the other stuff he took) we have been told that they believe they have the right man and that this is our stuff.  How much of it is there?  We don't know.

But when they saw the scooter they knew it was ours.  Well of course they did.  I guess it will be with us forever and ever amen.

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