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Friday, October 9, 2009

Do we or don't we???

Well, we did it. We broke down and finally decided. I had been struggling with the idea for weeks now and today I needed to decide. Do we get the H1N1 vaccine or not? The health department here only had a small number of doses and were giving them out to high risk people today...kids are one of those. I did some research and even talked with a family member who is a doctor. In the end, we tromped on down and all the kids got the vaccine or the mist actually, and I must say that it went fine. There were no fireworks, fainting or even tears. Heck, there wasn't even a fever or sniffle afterword. The kids still talked coherently, fought when they got home and did great with their school work. Yep, it's worth it. Now, I know that even when I tote them all around the city and we go to a bazillion amount of activities with other kids they are at least a little protected from that flu.

It's just too bad the vaccine can't fix the whole arguing thing...

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