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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My brain has flown off...

There are some days that I have to keep reminding myself that I am a pretty smart individual. I mean I've got a college degree and I teach three small children school everyday and I run a fairly good household...but... There are days that I wonder where my brain has flown off to.

Take for instance, today. I thought I would vacuum up our eat-in kitchen area. Now, this is the place where we eat all our meals, but it is also a place where I store all the plants that can't make it outside during the cold season. Basically, it looks like we eat our meals in the jungle...so to speak. Anyway, many of the plants had lost a bunch of their leaves during the transition to the inside and I thought I'd save myself some time and vacuum them up instead of picking them up by hand. This folks...is where my brain must have flown off.

Here's how it went...I begin to vacuum under one plant near our table when I knock off one of the place mats. As I bend down to pick it up, I vacuum up one small plant (the entire plant) in one swoop. Quickly, I pull it out and knock down another place mat. Bending down to pick that one up, I wipe out half of another plant. By this time, I pull that one out and scramble to get a trash bag...leaving the vacuum on (folks...it's just not a good day). The vacuum then sucks up one of the cords to mini-blinds and part of my curtains. By this time, I'm screaming..."someone pull out the plug - for the love of humanity!!!"...not that I could have easily turned it off right next to me. People, my brain has flown off for sure....

...but really I'm pretty smart...I think

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