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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lots of nervous energy...

I admit...I have nervous energy - LOTS of nervous energy. Now, that nervous energy is pumped up a billion times when I'm worried or anxious about something. I just seem to be unable to sit still for long periods of time without having to do something. Thankfully, I have been harnessing it to complete projects around the house. It keeps me from worrying so much about the things I cannot control...and as a bonus, things are getting done.

Today, my project was painting our exercise room. O.k. basically, it's a large closet with our exercise equipment in it...but it got painted. Goofy, I know. Who really cares about what color is on the walls as you are panting and sweating on a treadmill, right? But...I needed a project. If I don't get word soon about my son, I might just have to go to someone else's house for their projects, 'cause I will have completed all of mine...any takers?

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  1. Me! I have a deck calling your name! Can you hear it...? :)