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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aren't you tired yet?

This morning I went out for a long run with a great running partner...my dog. Oh, this just isn't any dog...it's a Vizsla. Now, if you are unfamiliar with Vizslas, know this one fact...THEY NEVER GET TIRED. For instance, I come dragging in after running 6 miles and our dog has so much energy left over (which we affectionately call it her "zoomies") that she has to runs laps around our yard and our house. It just puts me to shame. In fact this happens every time I run with her, that I have to yell to everyone inside the house..."look-out, we're home"...as I open the door. Kids scatter and batten down the hatches as she tears around the house. Of course, I never have my video camera on me when all of this happens, but it is quite a sight to see. So I decided to go searching for a video which best captures what a Vizsla is really like. I'm not sure who put this video together but believe me, it's perfect...

Believe me, I have asked my dog a million times..."Aren't you tired yet?"

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  1. I loved the post and video and couldn't believe how much that dog looks like Kiana! And, yes, I remember well the day the kids and I had a board game all set up on the rug in the family room...and we heard the words "we're home" one split second before you know who had the zoomies right through the board game!!!

    Miss and love you,