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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Celebrating the little things...

The first Monday of every month (for a couple of hours) I get to go to a wonderful homeschool group. Basically, it's just a bunch of homeschool moms who get together and talk about how their schooling is going and learn from one another. We talk about what things are working for some people and what's not for others. Every month there is a theme and last night at my meeting the theme was celebrations.

Now this was something I could really relate to. I love to whoop and holler and get excited about stuff (and to have a reason to and not just look like you are crazy...hey, that's even better). It was such a wonderful perspective on how to celebrate the small things in your child's life...so you never miss it. Case in point...one mom said she had the "special red plate" she used. When her child finally mastered something she had worked hard on (such as her multiplication facts) then that night she got to eat from the "red plate". Another said that she journaled back and forth with her husband because she felt that she was missing out on their busy lives together.

When I left the meeting that night I realized, it's not really important about what you do exactly, but just that you do something. Whether it's praising someone for a good job or serving them on a "red plate", the fact that you acknowledge them for who they are makes it worthwhile. It's just down-right, good ol' fashion enjoyin' the moment.

It's hard enough going through this life as a child or an adult, wouldn't it be more fun to celebrate the little things as we go along.

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