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Thursday, June 18, 2009

It was bound to happen...

Eight days of vacation in total...it was bound to happen...it rained on us today. Not just rained, poured. Thankfully I had packed some ponchos in our backpack (the kids called them our trash bags), but they kept us dry as we walked around DC (granted we looked like the original Crayola family...) but at least we were dry.

We didn't let the rain stop us one bit today. We saw the Washington Monument (or at least the outside of it). They told us that tickets run out within hours of it opening for the day. Next, we walked down to see the WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. As we began our walk to Jefferson Memorial, that's when the sky opened up and it rained. Still it was a beautiful memorial and worth the walk.

Finally, we decided to complete our day with time at the Museum of Natural History. There we got to see the Hope Diamond, the skeleton from every creature you can think of, minerals/gems, and an incredible 3D Ocean movie at the IMAX...way cool!

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