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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Standing there in awe...

Today I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed at standing in front of the Declaration of Independence (the ACTUAL one...you know, the one the founding father's actually wrote). Overwhelmed at reading the Emancipation Proclamation (the ACTUAL one...). Overwhelmed at just the amount of history that is at our feet in this city. The ACTUAL history...no photocopies here (o.k....that's not exactly true...there are plenty of photocopies of actual stuff...I guess they're hoarding some actual stuff in the basement). But the history is just overwhelming and so much of it is free. Free for you to go and take a look at it, read it, become immersed in it...feel it. It's incredible.

This morning we began our day with a meeting with our US Senator. It was so nice of him to meet with us. (...we even got to meet his wife, who just so happen to be there). Next it was off to the Supreme Court and a tour there. (O.k....technically, before that we took the kids back to change out of their nicer shorts and into more of a "spill anything you want on it" shorts...hey, they can only stay clean for so long). We ended our day at the National Archives Museum. It is an amazing museum, loaded with thousands of items...

...that make you just stand there in awe

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