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Friday, June 5, 2009

A yawn and a run...

Just recently I have switched my daily run to the mornings (instead of late evenings) and here's what I've noticed...

Alarms at 5:30 in the morning are quite irritating...no matter who's singing the tune.
My husband can just pop out of bed, while I roll and crawl my way to the bathroom.
The snooze button was a great creation.
Sprinkler systems come on whenever they want and scare the "begeebees" out of you.
Birds are out in full force (having a "bird dog" this is very much an issue for she wants to chase and point at them all instead of running with me).
There are quite a number of people going to work at that time...so...kudos to you guys.
And even if they say it's going to be 80 degrees that day...it's down-right cold in the mornings.
But to top it all off...there are the most beautiful sunrises at that time.

So for that, I'll still be out there in the mornings...with a yawn and a run.

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