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Friday, June 19, 2009

Not one of them is moving...

We said goodbye to DC today and said "hello" to public transportation today. We checked out of our hotel this morning and rode the metro to our new hotel across the Potomac. We wanted to be close to the airport for our flight in the morning, but also we wanted to spend the day at Mount Vernon. So we rode the metro as far as we could and then boarded a public bus for a twenty minute ride. Now...having done public transportation all week (with three children) I must say that it is incredibly cheap...BUT...not always the fastest route. We didn't mind. (I've got three...hopefully five...children to put through college - frivolous spending is not an option here).

The day was great. Mount Vernon is a neat place to go. A little out of the way but worth it. The house is decorated beautifully and the grounds sit just on the river. They had so many cool artifacts from George Washington's life. We got to see how his house was run, his paintings, furniture and even his teeth (gross...but cool!).

We fly home tomorrow and all of us have decided that DC is one fantastic place to come on vacation. I'd ask the kids what they liked the most....

...but not one of them is moving (and it's a miracle)

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