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Monday, August 10, 2009

And then there was none...

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to find a yellow and black caterpillar walking along in our garden. Now, if you don't know much about caterpillars these are the ones that turn into monarch butterflies (the pretty orange and black ones). The caterpillars aren't very easy to find but when you do they are so much fun to watch change into a butterfly.

So we scooped up our butterfly pavilion (everyone needs one of these...) and grabbed a bunch of different leaves and put him inside. We really lucked out because by that night he had made his chrysalis. For the next few weeks we waited and watched. Then, this morning he popped out of his chrysalis and opened up really big. Beautiful...just beautiful.

At lunchtime we watched him go and my smallest one said "well, I guess everyone has to leave sometime". I hugged her tight and thought...I'm glad that day is not today.

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  1. We found a couple last year and ended up feeding them for 2 WEEKS before they made chrysalises (is that a word?) You have much better timing!