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Friday, August 28, 2009

Next time it's Daddy's turn...

"Oh Lord, please let them be fast"...I prayed silently as I closed my eyes. The screaming grew louder as the second shot went in and the little arms around me squeezed tighter. I opened my eyes again as the fourth and last shot was being done. My smallest one's eyes were so red and just pleaded with me that we "bolt" from this doctor's office as fast as we can. As I scooped her off the examination table, I turned to see two more kids incredibly anxious and one with tears already streaming down her face.

I truly hate immunizations. It is so hard to watch, hold and know that it has to be done for your child to be healthy and safe. To cause so much grief and tears...as a parent, seems unnatural. We are there to protect and love not to cause pain. So as the last of my kids held me tight and the shots kept coming, my heart by this time was in my throat and the tears were in my eyes I realized two things...

...some days it's just hard being a parent and...

...next time Daddy gets to do this.

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