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Friday, August 14, 2009

You bet it is...

Lots of people ask me about homeschooling...we talk about it everywhere...the grocery, garage sales, play dates. I find that people are very curious as to how we home school...what does our classroom look like? and how can I teach three children three different curriculums at the same time?

Our actual "classroom" in our house is technically the study. We've only been at this house for over a year but we are lucky enough to have floor to ceiling bookcases. However, in years past, our classroom has been in the living room as well as at the kitchen table...but this classroom has been the best one by far.

We have a fold down table that the kids work at everyday (to make it more spectacular, I let the kids pick the "wrapping" paper that goes on top of it to cover the table and then we cover that with clear plastic wrap...viola!..a brand new table). This year the kids chose polka dots...not my personal favorite, but it's not my table.

Our room has maps, calendars, number lines, phonics sound posters...anything that will be of help in school and give them a classroom feeling. I have set up a playdoh center and just today bought an art center with a chalk board/painting area. We have a computer and a piano (all in the same room, I know...but you can't be too picky when you only talking about one room).

My curriculum is quite planned out already for me. I love it. I just open the main manual and teach what it tells me to do for that particular day. If we can't get it all done by the morning/afternoon, then we are discussing geography or math or science over dinner. It just gets done. Does all of this take a lot of time?...Yes!

Is it all worth it?...You bet it is!

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