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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Box Day has arrived...

Well, "box day" came to our house early this morning (8:25 a.m.). Not familiar with box day??? In the home school world, it's when your entire curriculum (or whatever you ordered for the upcoming year) arrives packed in boxes. It's a lot like Christmas. My kids LOVE box day. I ordered everything we needed for this year late this past Sunday night and couldn't believe it when it arrived early on Wednesday morning. We have used Sonlight curriculum for 5 years and just adore it.

This morning was extra special for my 5 year old because for the first time it was her turn to have "school" delivered (her Kindergarten curriculum, that is) and she just couldn't believe how big her pile of books were. My older two just kept holding up one book after another and asking..."is it o.k. if I read this today?"

Ahh...music to my ears...it's going to be another great school year!

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  1. OOhhhh I love books and those piles look awesome!!
    I admire you homeschooling, I would love to do that. It isn't quite as popular here in Australia and I don't know that I would be successful in a role as a teacher to my kidlets lol.
    I would be just as excited as your kids though.
    All the best for the coming year!!