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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Until the next time we go...

Alright, we live in the middle of the country. And due to that one minor detail there is, by far, no ocean beach remotely close to us. You can't even get to an ocean beach if you drove all day (o.k., maybe you could, but not with three kids and a dog and still have your sanity intact). Beaches are great and my kids love the beach. I mean there is nothing like playing in the water and building huge sandcastles.

So this week we were ecstatic when we found out from a friend of mine that we have an actual "sandy" beach here where we live. Granted it's a beach that's off of a river here...but that's o.k. You still get the feeling of a beach and that's half the fun. (I'm just not going to think about what's under the water in this river beach...nope, not going there). Anyway, the kids had a fantastic time and to be honest I loved it too.

I just need to go now and disinfect everyone until the next time we go....

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