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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Dallas Zoo...

Today we went to the Dallas zoo.  Wow, oh wow is it ever a really cool place to go and visit.  Not that I'm a zoo connoisseur or anything but I do have 4 kids who claim to be complete experts in the zoo area.  Or at least that what they tell me...

The zoo had the obvious animals that a zoo should have, but what it did have that lots of other zoos don't is a wonderful Africa safari base camp area.  Think the best backyard oasis you can think of and then put it in front of a bunch of elephants.  It was really relaxing.  We stayed in that area for quite sometime, just to give the kids a nice break. 

While we were relaxing, a zoo keeper said that a "special animal" was coming in.  Of course, the kids jumped up and couldn't wait to see what it was.  Our smallest little one grabbed onto the railing and low and behold a horn bill came flying in from across the zoo and landed within a few inches of him.  He was so startled and screamed..."that thing scared me".  Too funny...

We're headed to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens next.  It should be great!

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