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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Friday night date...

I know that at 11:00 o'clock Friday evening, my husband could think of a thousand more things he wanted to do than this.  But there he was standing beside me...and I just had to giggle.  Of all the things to happen right before we are about to leave tomorrow. 

A giggle came out and he stared at me.  "What?"  "Nothing.  It's just that I really do love you.  And it's better to laugh than cry."  He smiled and kept right on wringing out the clothes. 

So there we stayed for at least an hour or more "hand-washing" the load of clothes that had only gotten halfway done when the washer completely died on us that afternoon.  And I needed those clothes cleaned for our trip.  Ugh! 

Well, after almost 20 years of marriage I either have lowered my expectations of a Friday night date night or I am completely crazy about that husband of mine.  I giggled again...I'm bettin' on the the crazy part.

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