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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Laughter in my darkest hour...

Six years ago today I lost my father to a heart attack. Within 24 hours I had landed in the city where he lived and was sitting with my closest family members in a small room in a funeral home. We were doing what no person on the planet ever wants to do...plan a funeral.

I remember that day so vividly...the questions, the tears and yes, even the laughter. You see, God can give you the laughter just when you need it the most.

My little brother and I were walking with the funeral director through the area where you have to pick out the casket. Now, thankfully in this place they only had the "corners" of the caskets and the sample material on the wall so you could see what you were choosing. At this point, I was just about done "holding it all together" and I remember thinking that I was about to seriously fall apart. When all of a sudden the most unexpected thing happened.

The funeral director was trying to "help" us pick out a casket for my father. He was telling us all about this casket and that casket and then he mentioned..."you can even personalize it". With that, the director went over to a large wall and grabbed a wide mouth bass (you know, like the one that would sing if you pushed a button) and then took the corner off of the casket and put this enormous fish on the end. It looked like it would start singing "happy trails" at any moment.

I looked at the fish. Then at my brother. Then looked at the director. And... then... I... lost... it... I mean really lost it. I laughed so hard that I could hardly breathe. I laughed at the thought of my father's casket covered with wide mouth "singing" bass. I laughed at this man proudly trying to sell me this fish. I laughed because my brother was laughing with me. I laughed.

...and it was laughter in my darkest hour.

This one's for you Dad...I love you today, tomorrow and until I can see you again.

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  1. Beautiful post, my sweet girl. So many memories. I try now to think of the fun times and all the laughter throughout the years. Your Dad and I were so blessed to have you and your brothers. We were and are so proud of each of you.

    I love you and miss you,