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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One thousand twenty one cans...

I hate to recycle cans (you know, soda pop cans). I do recycle because we have kind of a forced recycle here (we pay 5 cents per can and if you want your money back...you have to recycle). But I still hate to do it. It's not because I don't want to help the earth or anything. It's just...well, icky. Sticky. Stinky. And... a... lot... of... trouble. Most normal people just take one or two bags at a time to recycle. But, nooooo. Not me. I'm so weird I take 15 large bags of cans at a time to recycle. And you have to file the cans through the machine ONE... AT... A... TIME. Ugh!

So today, after a weekend of cleaning up the garage I needed (or should I say wanted) that precious garage space those 15 bags were taking up. So 45 minutes later I came out with over $51.00 and left behind 1021 cans.

I guess it's good that my garage isn't any bigger. Or I just might hit the 2 or 3 thousand mark before I go in next.

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  1. I hate recycling can and bottle time too. Here in South Australia we don't pay extra for the cans and soft drink bottles but we get 10 cents each if we take them in to be recycled. This applies to all soft drink/beer cans, soft drink bottles of all sizes and also milk and juice containers (only the smaller sizes for these though - up to 600ml varieties and the little fruit box type things). I have 3 huge bags waiting to be taken in and I keep putting it off,,,,maybe I should just do it and regain my garage space too lol.