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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

...and that's when I just glazed over

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to cook...no scratch that...adore cooking.  Call it a passion that has come out of a necessity.  You see, my husband cannot cook.  Well, he "thinks" he can cook, but really when you order take out, I don't think you can consider that "cooking". 

This past weekend we were in Omaha for a family getaway and decided to do some shopping while we were there.  Naturally, I got lost in the the "kitchen department" while everyone else waited patiently.  I was looking for a Kitchen Aid food processor.  I have been going through hand held choppers like crazy and finally wanted something a bit more sturdy. 

It was at this time that a lady approached me wearing a Kitchen Aid apron asking me if I had any questions.  Duh, yeah....  Have you ever looked at all the different options of food processors?  Trust me, there are a lot.  After a few minutes of talking with her, I asked her how she knew so much about all of these different kitchen gadgets.  "Oh, I have all of them", she explained.  "What?"  "Well, because I have to demonstrate how all of these work, they let me keep them."

...and that's when it happened

"They... let... you... keep... them...", I said slowly savoring every word.   "Are you okay?" She looked at me a little concerned.  "They... let... you... keep... them..."  "Of course, it's all part of my job." 

...and that's when I just glazed over

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