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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I don't hear a thang...ya'll

I have been told..."maybe once or twice"...that I have a Southern accent.  Yes, it's true, I was born and raised in the South.  But now I live in Iowa and it seems to be more and more frequently that people ask me where I'm from. 

I say "Iowa"...they say..."no, really, where?"  "Iowa".  I'm pretty smart in that regards...I know where I live.  Then they say..."okay, but where were you born?"  Yeah, that really makes a difference, because them thar babies come out just a talkin' away.  Don't they?  Really, an accent?  I just don't hear it.

I mean, I get a few looks when I tell my kids to stop lollygagging with the dawg and get in L.I.I.N.E and skid-daddle out to the car.  Or com'on back here and get-r-done.  But really...smatterwhichyou, I don't hear a thang when it comes to accents, ya'll. 

(By the way, my spell check is broken on this blog, because when I went to check this post...a whole bunch of yella tar-neigh-shion just lit up all over the place - go figure...)


  1. Lol I'm an Aussie and I love American accents, particularly southern American ones. Don't ask me why but I could sit and listen all day. One day I hope to get to visit the US and I have already told hubby that the southern states are a must as I just have to be able to listen to those accents first hand!!! That makes me sound a little weird doesn't it? Truly I'm not!!!

  2. I don't hear anything either! When Jim asks me if I'm "always going to talk like this", the answer is "YEP! You betcha'...forever and ever. Amen." I'm Southern by the Grace of God and I'm going to stay that way...even though I'm in the Pacific Northwest at the moment.

    I love you and miss you,

    P.S. And I love Australian accents too!