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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I got the notion yesterday to really clean up my dining room.  I mean, really clean.  Why, oh why, I'll never know.  If you were to see my house right at this very moment, it has what I like to call.."the lived-in look".  It's not that it's gross or stinky or clutter free...nope, definitely not that.  But we have four kids, home school and for my sanity's sake it's just not something I stress about too much.  But sometimes it just gets to me and then I get...a notion.

So after I had vacuumed, mopped, cleaned and dusted up the entire room I left the chairs out in the entryway so I could stand their in awe at the beautiful glistening room.  Oh, just look at it sparkle.  Wow!  Then I turned around to leave the room....

....hit the leg of one of the chairs with a toe on my foot

...and broke it...the toe that is

That's what I get for getting a notion to clean.

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