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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let it begin...

I love this picture.  So perfect, so clean, so off the floor.  Love that!

The swim bags are "locked and loaded" with flippers, towels, goggles and everything else you can think of.  The kids are anxious to get back into the water.  They have had exactly three days off from swimming and you would think that it has been months and months. 

Our summer swim team will begin on Monday, and for the first time we will have three swimming on the swim team.  Yeah!!!  Our little girl has worked extremely hard for months and months to become efficient in her strokes and can't wait to finally participate in a swim meet...instead of watching from the sidelines. 

For her father and I, we're all for it.  The more events we can watch, the less painful it will seem to sit through 6 hours of a swim meet.  Although, it doesn't make it any less anxious for me.  For I'm one of those parents who screams their head off for their kid (last or first...doesn't matter), even though they're two feet under the water and probably can't hear you...but I like to hope that they can.

The kids will be in the water by 7:30 in the morning which leaves a wonderful predicament for me...down to one child.  I have decided that I'm going to put the smallest one in the child watch at the gym and work out alone for the first time....EVER! 

When you have four kids you do have to get a little "creative" with any type of workout that you might want to do.  If I want to run, usually I have to push the little one in the jogger - ugh! - and have one riding the bike.  (The older ones usually run with their Dad who is WAY faster than me)  If I do an exercise video, then usually I have an audience who participates with it as well...not always the best. 

So, for the first time, I'm going to be alone, without someone, all by myself, foot loose and fancy free...okay, you get my drift.  And I am excited.

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