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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today I dug up my garden.  Not with a tiller, but the old fashion way...with a shovel and a hoe.  To me, it's therapy really.  I realize that saying something like that probably seems like a really need the other kind of therapy...you know, the kind you laid down on a couch and talk away. 

But let's face it...that's just not me.  I much rather prefer to have some time alone and work in the dirt. I do a lot of thinking when I work in the garden.  Great things have aspired from amidst the tomatoes.  Of course, so has my many blunders...but we'll put them with the yucky brussel sprouts area. 

I love that you can work for hours and in the end see what you have accomplished.  Of course, the older I get I not only "see" what I have accomplished, I also "feel" it something fierce in all the muscles I forgot I had. 

Still...it's therapy to me

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