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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, here's your fire truck...

Most people get flowers for Mother's day, or even chocolate.  Some might even get a great outfit or tickets to a play.  But my kids reach for the stars...and got me a fire truck.  Yep, complete with a 75 foot ladder and expandable hose.  Yep, my kids are the best.  Poor Daddy, I guess he'll have to get a police car or something else like that for Father's Day, since I got the fire truck for Mother's Day.  Thanks kiddos...


Here's how our afternoon played out....

After church services, we did some shopping at Costco and had just come home.  While I was fixing lunch our smoke alarms started going off in our house.  Since all of our smoke alarms are hard wired the entire house started going off...EXTREMELY LOUD. 

Immediately, my husband took off down to the basement while I ran upstairs to check things out.  Neither one of us found anything wrong and since all of our windows were open we knew that nothing smelled out of the ordinary.  So we were very puzzled at this point.

This went on for a long time...and if you haven't heard smoke alarms lately for a while, they are quite painful to hear over and over and over and over and over and over...(you get the idea).

That's when I thought I would call the fire department.  "Hello, fire department.  Um, yes, I have a little issue with my fire alarms going off...but don't worry I'm not standing in a house that's on fire so don't panic.  Just one that is telling me it's on fire, but don't worry it's just fibbing.  (long pause, here)  Yes, I'm okay.  Just was wondering if you could tell me what would cause fire alarms to go off.  You know, other than say a fire.  Wind wouldn't do it, because we have all our windows open.  Surely not, that would be crazy, right?  (another long pause)  Yes, it's still going off.  I'm sorry, I really hate to bother you with this but I just didn't know who to call.  No, no, no.  No, need to come here.  Isn't there a button we can push or a battery we can take out?  Okay, I understand.  But we'll just keep it really casual right?  Kind of like, going out for a Sunday drive...except to my house.  Okay, see you in five minutes.

And that's when I realized that my Sunday drive and their Sunday drive are COMPLETELY different.  Mine would not include a monster size fire truck complete with a 75 foot ladder.  But the kiddos had thought they hit the jackpot.  Because when it was all said and done, the kids got to climb aboard the fire truck and get their own personal tour.

In the end, I have to buy all new smoke alarms...oh goodie, goodie gum drops, just what I always wanted for Mother's day...along with my fire truck. 

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  1. Oh, boy! I wish I could have been there for this one!!! I always wanted my own personal fire truck tour! Glad everything was okay and definitely replace those smoke detectors. ;-)

    Love and miss you,